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A conversation with Yoshino
A conversation with Yoshino
#63 - This brilliant nomad took me to school.

“My intention is to give my audience a sense of real human connection, something that feels rich and organic.”
—Yoshino, on Artist Decoded

This week's episode of T.H.E. features special guest, Yoshino, of the Artist Decoded Podcast.

Yoshino is a Hybrid Human, Hybrid Artist, and a Hybrid Athlete. He's a thoughtful man, and a brilliant creator whose work speaks for itself as soon as you tune in to it.

As an artist, his photography straddles the line between life and death, showing the visceral beauty in each experience.

And as a podcaster, he presents a thoughtfully humble approach to discussing art with other ground-breaking artists like himself.

Buckle up, my friends, because you’re in for a roller-coaster listen today. And be sure to stick around all the way to the end of the Youtube Video for an extra special surprise.

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Tap the links below to find Yoshino’s work on the web, and try to remember to put pants on before you leave your house today.

Follow Artist Decoded on Spotify

See Yoshino's Photography on Instagram

@YoshinoStudios on Twitter

Topics include the following. Full Timestamps are available on Youtube.

  • Recording Yoshino's Podcast, Artist Decoded, on the road.

  • How many different lives has Yoshino lived?

  • Podcast pranks

  • Getting hit in the face

  • Yoshino's Photography & Writing

  • ChatGPT & New Technology

  • Yoshino's Travel Camera Setup

  • A wild story about being lost at sea

  • Backpacking in Iceland

  • Meeting Death on the road

  • Being a social creature in a technological world

  • Doing hard things to build character

  • Not wearing pants while podcasting

  • Yoshino's traveling lifestyle & packing list

  • Martial Arts & Boxing

  • Hue-Man reads Keebler the Elf Movie Trailer written by ChatGPT

  • Getting paid as an artist & writer in an AI world

  • Maybe convenience isn't the best thing...

  • Maybe dogs have it all figured out?

  • Big Hue-Man Reveal...

This Podcast is also available in audio-only form on this Substack page, Spotify, and iHeart. But I would highly suggest viewing on Youtube for the optimal experience. Since the show is 4 hours long, I had to reduce the audio quality for the audio-only podcast networks to meet size constraints.

Thank YOU for your interest and presence during our discussion, and I look forward to seeing you back here again next Wednesday with a new article.


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