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A Conversation with Joanna Sullivan

A Conversation with Joanna Sullivan

#66 - This beaming Birth Doula rung my head like a gong

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”
—Deborah Reber

This week feels special. Easter was last week, and Spring is exciting the air, here in Dakota. The ice melted, and the sprouting seeds below quickly gulped it.

I've been walking the dog on longer routes these mornings, welcoming each golden sunrise, each new day, and I feel refreshed and recharged.

Old Trusty's wheels spun sun rays as we carved windy country roads and county gravel on Sunday, and I felt a sleeping piece of my heart reawaken.

And the same experience happened during a recent conversation I had with Joanna Sullivan, which I am pleased to present today.

Joanna runs She is a Birth Doula, A Circle Practitioner, and a Mother who will soon give birth to her first child. And on top of that, she is someone who I am honored to call a dear friend.

The Hue-Man Experience is something we each go through on our own, yet we are here together to share how it feels. And Joanna helped me see my own Hue-Manity through her beautiful perspective in many different moments during our mind-blowing chat.

This one felt extra special to me, so it is my pleasure to present to you, a beautiful conversation with Joanna Sullivan. Enjoy.

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Topics Covered

Full Timestamps available on YouTube

  • Joanna lives in The Jungle

  • The Cost of Jungle Living

  • What is Circling?

  • Joanna is PREGNANT!

  • What your dog teaches you

  • Dirt's Wisdom & how it helps us both relate to family

  • Being a Birth Doula is fascinating

  • Dying an honorable death. There are Death Doulas too.

  • Why Birth is so humbling

  • The One Key Tool to control your mind

  • How does a Doula select a Doula to assist her birth?

  • The transformation which happens during childbirth

  • "Portal For Life" - Mind-blowing moments

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Catch ya back here next week,

Spotted on the street during a dog walk on Easter.

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