The theme this week seems to be sobriety. You’ve been like me and so many others, taking life like a drug. Do this, say that, indulge in feelings, indulge in self-importance, self-pity.

Sobriety is thoughtlessness, conceptlessness, wordlessness. The truth is we’re connected to everything else which includes all knowledge. We lost our connection to that knowledge by thinking we are something separate—that naive drop suspended in the air of the ocean spray of a tubular wave! Like you wrote, we are the ocean. We are on a journey of remembering ALL.

Keep being honest about the cringey, awkward, insufferable parts of life! You are the whole spectrum of light, friend, and sometimes the light is so imperceptible, you can’t help but call it darkness. It’s pivotal to cleaning our connection with Spirit. I continue to believe in you!

Your voices this week had me laughing out loud by myself in a new coffee shop. Thank you 🙏 The Jester lives through me, lives through you!

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We are always learning, and growing. And death in one aspect may shut certain doors, but then can open new doors. Never be afraid to see what's behind the new doors. And love yourself, no matter how flawed you think you are. We are all flawed, and we always will be. Make those flaws flawless, as one would turn lemons into lemonade. Smile, love, hug and spread joy, and know that you are loved!

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So intense and without walls to protect your sensitivity. Loved it.

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