I enjoyed reading!

I have been working for myself for many years, at one point I dropped the pressure of trying to make it...I used to say, it is my way or under a bridge I don't care. I think it is in total freedom (and decentralization) that we can truly become little universes.

Your work has fairy stardust all over it...

I am NOT going to feel guilty about Cobra Kai! You are on your own here:)

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You having so much fun with your own work is inspiring. It propels your words directly to my heart, Hue.

I too smoked all day and drank often. My identity was the guy who sticks his nose up at sober Sally’s. But no longer. Hiding away from my pain everyday taught me that life becomes meaningless without it.

Another “gong moment” that cued me in on the fact that we’re soul brothers.. The IP Man movies! My god, I thought I was alone with this. Those movies blew me away, so fun, so badass, so engaging to the parts of me that need a taste of martial arts and beautiful cinematography. I’m also a HUGE Jackie Chan fan.

Another YT channel I’ve been meaning to recommend to you is Sat Yoga Institute. Please watch a few of Shunyamurti’s videos. Excellent, relevant, philosophical lectures. I’m sure you’ll connect to it as I have.

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